How it all got started….
One evening while watching SportsCenter on ESPN in February 2009, Zack Wandell, a volunteer since September 2004 in the Child Life Program at Sutter, saw a story about a Krispy Kreme Challenge that started in 2004 amongst a group of friends on the campus of North Carolina State University. The concept was simple: run 2 miles, eat a dozen Krispy Kreme Donuts, run 2 miles back. All of the proceeds were donated to the local Children’s Hospital.
Knowing there was a need for more “fun” stuff in the hospital, something clicked and Zack thought, “We can do that here!”. Soon after, the Donut Dash in Sacramento was created. He spread the word amongst friends to gauge interest, with the promise that if he’d be able to donate $1000, he’d organize the event.

The first step, a donut shop. Many people that grew up in Sacramento know the BEST donuts around are found at Marie’s Donuts on Freeport Blvd. The race would have to involve Marie’s so the course is naturally set in beautiful William Land Park. Rather than eating a dozen donuts, he picked 4 and thus, 4 miles & 4 donuts became the new standard for the Donut Dash. For the more health conscious folks, a “lite” division was created so that they could eat 6 donut holes, and still enjoy all the fun.

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L to R – William with Dad, Zack Wandell with Emily


The original Donut Dash had 25 participants and donated $1500. The first overall winner was Andy Dahl, finishing in 30:16. The first women’s winner was Tracy Auble, Andy’s sister and a Child Life Specialist at Sutter.


Donut Dash 501c3 was created. Donut Dash 2.0 had 100 participants and donated $3000. The overall winner, Chikara Omine from San Francisco, completed the 4 mile & 4 donut challenge in 23:09. The women’s winner was Erika Woolson, she completed the challenge in 35:06.


Donut Dash III had 500 participants and donated $15,000, including 5 iPad2’s. Chikara Omine was the overall and first repeat winner. Donut Dash III did not have an official women’s winner.


Donut Dash 4-4-4-4 had 1200 participants and donated $35,000.

Overall & Men’s 3X Winner – Chikara Omine in 21:57
2nd Place – Erik Bost in 24:20
3rd Place – Jeff Davenport in 25:13.
Women’s Winner – Alexandra Perl in 30:50
2nd Place – Maylin Falke in 31:10
3rd Place – Keather Kehoe in 31:58


Donut Dash No5 had 1800 participants and donated $40,000.

Overall and 4X men’s winner – Chikara Omine 23:21
2nd Place – Andrew Londerholm 27:44
3rd Place – Eddie Garcia 28:14
Women’s winner – Katie Abbot 29:56 (new women’s course record)
2nd Place – Bitsy Vigil 34:58
3rd Place – Claudia Rogus 35:29


Donut Dash Seis had 1900 participants and donated $58,000.

Overall and 5X men’s winner – Chikara Omine 26:08
2nd Place – Andrew Londerholm 27:34
3rd Place – Eddie Garcia 29:00
Women’s 2X winner – Katie Abbot 31:14
2nd Place – Kandace Waldthaler 38:45
3rd Place – Tracy Auble 39:25


Donut Dash Lucky #7 had 2,200 participants and donated $78,000. Donut Dash 501c3 surpassed $250,000 donated lifetime.

Overall and men’s winner – Scott Abbott 24:21
2nd place – Dan Lancaster 27:19
3rd place – Aaron Danao 28:14
Women’s 3X winner – Katie Abbott 31:26
2nd place – Jessica Holmes 32:58
3rd place – Alexa Magda 35:10


Donut Dash Ate had 2650 participants and donated $100,000! This included a very generous start line pledge from Tesco CEO Shain Thomas!

Overall and men’s winner – Ben Blankenburg 25:04 – age 16
2nd place – Rich Hanna 26:47
3rd place – Conner Jops 29:39
Women’s winner – Rhonda Elliott 29:28 (new women’s course record)
2nd place – Emily Comstock 29:45
3rd place – Katie Abbott 30:28


Donut Dash Niner had 2600 participants and donated $110,000!

Overall and 2X men’s winner – Scott Abbott 24:15
2nd place – Ben Blankenburg 26:17
3rd place – Joe Viglienzoni 28:15
Women’s 4X winner – Katie Abbott 31:38
2nd place – Erika Reed 32:53
3rd place – Kristi Baubach 34:29